18 02.2014

Bird eye view of Charles bridge

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    I have a question – why sre You taking photo of Charles Bridge , do You have any particular reason or is it just view ?? Do You know that the Founder of Charles Bridge – King Charles 4th and Roman Emperor was born exactly 700 years ago this year ???
    I was in Prague in May and June this year and You can see King Charles anniversary everywhere in the city of Prague – AWESOME !!!! I wish I could stay longer but …….

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      Hi Yana. Happy to see you are still visiting my site. There is no especial reason of picturing Charles Bridge except it looks really great :) Just like to take pictures of interesting places.
      Thanks for sharing news as for King Charles. This is interesting. I’m thinking of traveling to Prague this year again but we’ll see.
      And you are welcome to see some new photos from Spain I’m starting to post now. Hope to see you again.

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