10 03.2013

The day of Soviet Army (day of the fatherland protector)

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    Фигуры как будто восковые получились!

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    Hi Roman! I’m an American living in Kharkov and just discovered your website. You have fantastic photos, especially this one! :) I’m excited to share your site with my friends. Keep up the great work!

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      Hi Katherine! That is very interesting. Are you an english teacher? I saw some posts on your blog.
      I’m very happy you visited my site and I will be more happy to see you here again! And more works are coming

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        Hi Roman! Yep, English teacher, guilty as charged. On a related note, I applaud you for your excellent command of English! It’s very ambitious to create a website in a foreign language. Why did you choose to make your site in English rather than in Ukrainian or Russian?

        Looking forward to following your work!

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    Hi Katherine! Thank you for your compliment as for my English. This is flattering to hear from English teacher. And I’ve created this site in English to have an ability to share my thoughts and works with more people around the world. As you may see on the right sidebar of the site the most visitors are from USA, UK, Canada and India. I believe they would not come to read my posts if they were in Russian.
    Hope to see you on my site again.

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